The most powerful and flexible rich content editor for ExpressionEngine.

“Bloqs–it’s the only way to EE.”  
– Jason Boothman, Reusser Design


What is Bloqs?

Bloqs lets you create well-defined blocks of content. You define the block type. Each block type has fields which you define. Then, you assign those block types to field types.

Bloqs gives content authors the flexibility of a WYSIWYG editor, but keeps all the content in the right type of reusable buckets–instead of one cludgy field.

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Why is Bloqs so great?

Simplify your life with tidy templates, streamlined custom fields and full control.

With Bloqs, you can make your templating easy and tidy, including loads less channels and custom fields. You also, maintain control of the markup, design and layout options – keep everything flexible and configurable, all defined by you.

Delight site managers with easy-to-use content editing power.

With Bloqs, you can offer your content editors scores of content module styles – and let them decide which ones to include, how they'd like to arrange them and what styles to apply!

This is how Bloqs works for your content editors


A client comes up with an idea of how they want to dispay content on a page. 


You create the blocks that meet the client's content requirements. Each block can contain 1 or more fields, for example, a WYSIWYG, image, or video field. Or all 3.


Clients build pages using the blocks you define. It's a win win! They get amazing flexibility, but within the contraints you define.


As the developer, you control 100% of the HTML markup and styles that render blocks to generate the final product, while the clients can focus on the content.

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