Support Policy

Bloqs comes with a free 30 day support period beginning after the initial purchase. If you report an issue that is clearly a Bloqs defect, we will attempt to fix the issue within a timely manner, free of charge to the you.

We reserve the right to suspend free support at any time and ask for a small fee of $100 per issue in the occurrence of any scenario noted below.

Scenarios which require a support fee:

  • If the reported issue is suspected to be a conflict with another add-on, or an extreme edge case from a combination of add-ons or conflicts resulting from custom template or add-on development from the customer.
  • If we are unable to replicate the issue in a local development environment as described by the customer, thus requiring FTP access to the site to diagnose and fix the issue.


You will be notified if a support issue requires an additional fee before work is done to diagnose and/or fix the issue.

Plainly said, we reserve the right to ask for compensation for time spent diagnosing what are clear or suspected conflicts with other 3rd party add-ons or custom code or technology outside the control of Bloqs. If after diagnosis it is determined that it is not a conflict that fits within the above scenarios, but rather, an issue with the Bloqs add-on itself, then no extra fees will be required.

Support Request

For support for Bloqs for ExpressionEngine 3 please go and submit a support ticket.

For Blocks support for ExpressionEngine 2 please contact Bryan Burgers.