What version of ExpressionEngine does Bloqs require?

Bloqs works in the following versions of ExpressionEngine:

  • 3.1.4+
  • 4.0+
  • 5.0+

Can I upgrade Blocks (for EE 2) to Bloqs (for EE 3)?

Yes, see instructions on how to do this. You must buy a Bloqs license for ExpressionEngine 3.

Does Bloqs work with PHP 7?

Yes! It sure does.

Do you support Blocks for EE 2?

No, we only support Bloqs. Visit Bryan Burgers's Blocks website for support.

Do the custom development hooks that used to work in Blocks (for EE 2) still work in Bloqs (for EE 3)?

Yes! They are the same.

Why doesn’t Bloqs support Grid?

Bloqs works in a very similar manner as Grid and utilizes many of the libraries that Grid is built on.  In fact, at a few points Bloqs actually masquerades itself and essentially “tricks” ExpressionEngine into thinking it is a Grid field.

By setting things up this way, we’re able to leverage a lot of the functionality that Grid offers but it also means that some of its limitations are inherited, one of which being nested grid fields (a grid within a grid). Just like you can’t have a grid inside of a grid, you can’t have a Grid inside of a Bloq, however, the Simple Grids & Tables add-on provides some basic Grid like features that may suite most needs.

How should I structure my templates?

This is a great question, and as with most things in ExpressionEngine the short answer is that it's really up to you, the requirements of the site you are building, and the needs of your client. Of course, examples are always helpful, so we've set some up for you to reference! Check out the pages listed below.

Is the content in Bloq fields searchable? 

Yes, it most certainly is!

Is Bloqs content searchable by Low Search?

Yes! But, there are a few things you'll want to keep an eye on/be aware of when setting everything. These include:

  • You'll need to make sure you enable searching on the parent Bloq field (the one you add to your Field Group) AND each atom that you want to be able to  search in each one of your blocks.
  • If you're adding Low Search to an existing website (one that already has content), any time you set a field to "searchable" which was not previously searchable, you will need to re-save your channel entries and then re-index your collection in Low Search. This is more of a 'Low Search' process - but an important one to remember.
  • If you need to run some advanced and/or more complex filter logic on a Bloq field, you will want to follow the same process that Low has documented for a Grid field.

Didn’t it used to be called Blocks?

Yes, Bryan Burgers built the original Blocks add-on for ExpressionEngine 2. Q Digital Studio acquired the license for Blocks for ExpressionEngine 3+ and renamed it to Bloqs. We (BoldMinded) have chosen to keep the name Bloqs, even though we don't have a Q in our name, because we didn't want to cause confusion, and the Q looks good.

Why do I sometimes see Bloqs with a q and sometimes Blocks without a q? What’s up?

The add-on has been renamed "Bloqs" for ExpressionEngine 3, and all associated add-on files are renamed. However, the inherenet nature of the add-on still relies on the concept of a "block" of content and we didn't change that. We also didn't want to make the upgrade process overly complicated.

I have a great idea for a feature. Can you build it?

Maybe. Tell us what you think Bloqs needs and we'll consider it. If you have a good use case, and it would be widely used and beneficial for other folks, we just might build it. Please tell us about it on our Contact Form.